About US

Travis MacKenzie, MD is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician with 11 years of years experience working in healthcare and about ~30 years of experience in strength training, athletic training, and sports conditioning.

Close to 70% of what he sees and manages in the ER stems from preventable or highly treatable conditions. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where we go to the doctor when we are sick far more than when we don't think we are. By the time illnesses are diagnosed, we immediately put onto medications to manage them instead of committing to the (often difficult) task of healing or eradicating them. Travis would like to help patients PREVENT these chronic illnesses and REVERSE them instead of just treating their symptoms.

Marisa MacKenzie, PA-C is a Physician Assistant with 11 years combined experience in Family Practice, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pain Management and Hormone Replacement Therapy. She is the mother of 3 young Bearcats and is excited to combine her "specialties," in a clinic that focuses on treating and preventing some of the main health issues that contribute to the "aches and pains of aging," right here in Aledo. She would like to work with YOU, complementing what your current doctor recommends with additional, versatile treatment options.

Travis and Marisa have talked about opening a clinic that focuses on wellness and prevention (of age-related illness) for nearly 20 years.

"We used to believe that fitness/exercise was the key to preventing disease, but have come to realize there is a little more to it than that. We still believe exercise plays a HUGE part in 'aging well,' but there are things that can 'go wrong' with the body despite staying active. These are the things we seek to treat--for example PRP for joint care, HRT for hormonal changes that impact how our bodies respond to exercise... Peptides, nutrition and supplementation can be critical to ensure our bodies have what they need to withstand the demands we place upon them. Each patient is unique, but we all face similar changes as we age. We hope to help each patient we see address their unique concerns to ensure they are living in the strongest, healthiest version of their unique body."


Our Mission

We are a wellness-centered clinic striving to empower patients to keep their bodies strong, age with grace, and live their best lives. We want to give our patients the tools to take better care of their bodies and treat the little things BEFORE they become big problems.

Core Values of Aledo Empowered Wellness

*Patient Education-Knowledge is power! We believe patients should play an active role in their healthcare, and in order to do this they need to have a basic understanding of what we are treating. This includes an understanding of what medicines/supplements we prescribe and why we recommend them. Far too often patients come in with a list of meds, and little-to-no understanding what they are for. Patient education is essential!

* Team Effort-Healthcare is a team sports. Providers can make recommendations based on a patient's symptoms/diagnosis. But we can't make a patient "better," if they don't implement the plan. Often times, treatment plans require a mutli-pronged approach: we can perform a procedure in-office, but the patient has to perform the after-care at home. Without this team approach the results will be unsatisfactory.

*High Quality-We believe in high quality everything; patient care, equipment, patient education, medications, supplements. We strive for ultimate satisfaction and ideal outcomes, and this is built on a foundation of using high quality equipment and methods.

*Safety-Patient and employee safety is of paramount importance! We take great care to make everything we do and offer as safe as possible! This includes following stringent sterilization practices and may include occasional delays in service if certain safety parameters aren't met.

*Communication-We strive to offer clear, prompt, high quality communication. We believe honest communication is vital to the healthcare provider-patient relationship and is crucial for both our and our patients' success. We will make every effort to respond to inquiries in a timely fashion, and to communicate any changes that affect patients, as soon as possible.

  • Patient Education

  • Team Effort

  • High Quality

  • Safety

  • Communication


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24/7 depending on availability.


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